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Hey Y'all!

My name is Michelle and I’m the owner behind My Designs in the Chaos.  While we have a wonderful blog, a thriving FB page, and we share tons of goodies I wanted a spot to get to know and serve you more.  Therefore….. Club chaos was born.  I have a passion for giving encouragement and building confidence in women to help you grow your own unique creative talents.  I know that we are all crazy busy and Club Chaos will help lighten the load so you have more time to pick out what color vinyl you want your project to be and don’t have to worry about where you are going to find a high quality design that meets your needs.  Plus I’ve gotten to partner with other designers in the industry who have also chipped in exclusive products that you will love!  And…. our products are also on pre-made exclusive mock ups for you.  We really have thought of it all!!  
I believe that passion is not random but it is a calling.  I hope that our club is able to provide you inspiration and time saving conveniences so that you can follow your calling and grow in your own crafting creative abilities.  I can’t wait to meet you in the Club!

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Exclusive Monthly Designs

Every single month as a Club Chaos member you will receive a bundle of SVG files created by me, exclusively for the Club.  That means that those designs are only available to club members.  They can not be found anywhere else in the market place.  While the number of designs varies each month you can expect your bundle to be no less than 10 exclusive files.

Exclusive Mock Ups

Mock up images are a great way to display your designs to potential customers without actually having to create the item.  Club Chaos files include a pre-made mock up for you in the file download.  We also provide a bundle of blank mock ups for you to use to promote your items each month.  You can expect 3-5 blank mock ups each month as a club member.  And yes… these are also exclusive to Club Chaos members.  They are not available for purchase anywhere else in the market place.

Private Facebook Community

One of the most fun things about this membership is the private FB community of other crafters.  Ask questions, show of your projects, and gain inspiration in a safe, more intimate, uplifting environment.  These ladies are more than just members, we are friends!  

Exclusive Guest Designers Products

I firmly believe in community over competition, which is why the guest designer aspect of our club is not only unique but crucial.  In addition to getting a behind the scenes look at other designers in the industry via an interview, they also provide a bundle of exclusive files or an exclusive product.  I firmly believe that there is no wrong way to craft and I also believe that there is space in the market for everyone.  That’s why I love sharing and highlighting the other talented designers in the industry through the Club.  It also gives members a nice variety of files to choose from.

Monthly Zoom Call

Every month we get together outside of Facebook to connect and show off what we are making.  This craft and chat zoom call is an opportunity for members to ask questions, get tips, chat about what they are working on, and just hang out.  It is great way to meet others with the same interests as you and learn from those at all skills levels.  We have Cricut owners, Silhouette users, tumbler makers, file designers, and more.  Come with a project, with a question, or just to hang out and say hi. 

What Our customers say

Club Chaos Wait List

Thank you for your interest in the Club! Please leave your email below and be one of the first ones notified when we open the Club again for new members.


frequently asked questions and answers

Any and all cutting machine owners are welcome.  We have members that are Cricut users, members that are Silhouette users, members that have Brother Scan and Cuts, and members that have a combo of the above listed.  As long as you love to craft and enjoy beautiful designs you are a perfect for for the club!

Each month varies but at a minimum you will receive a bundle of 10 designs from me, a bundle of designs (3-5) or a product (such as a font) from a guest designer and a bundle of 3-5 blank mock ups.  All of those items are exclusive to club members only.

Absolutely!  We have members at all skill levels.  This is the perfect spot for you to experiment, learn, and grow, with an entire community at your fingertips to support and encourage you along the way.  There are no silly questions and our community is built on the foundation of kindness.  Come learn in a safe, kind, spot, with other crafters who share your same passion.

We have three payment options to suit your needs.  The largest value is the yearly plan at 3 months free.  Both the yearly and the 6 month option offer immediate access to the library of hundreds of designs and products.  If you go with the monthly plan you will have access to the designs and items released that month.  When you hit your 6 month anniversary on the monthly plan the library of designs unlocks for you to access.

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